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cooling tower chemicals manufacturer and exporter from india

Antiscalent chemicals

Antiscalent chemical Descaling chemical


Antiscalent chemical Descaling chemical

Descaling chemicals

cooling tower chemical descaling chemical for water treatment


Descaling chemicals for cooling tower to remove scales from water
cooling tower chemical manufacturer and exporter from india

cooling tower chemical manufacturer
Descaling chemical to remove scales from cooling tower

Clean X is used  for descaling cooling tower and pipeline choke up, etc.

what is cooling tower chemical 

cooling tower is a specialized heat exchanger in which air and water are brought into direct contact with each other in order to reduce the water’s temperature. As this occurs, a small volume of water is evaporated, reducing the temperature of the water being circulated through the jd sales manufacturer of cooling tower chemical situated in vasai maharastra, provides wide range of chemical for cooling tower water. which removes scales from cooling tower water. To remove scales from cooling tower we provide descaling chemical such as Antiscalent.

Advantages of using cooling tower water treatment chemical by JD Sales :

  • Saves You Energy. If you wish your cooling system worked at maximum efficiency, cooling tower filtration is an excellent option for you. …
  • Less Maintenance. …
  • Longer Life shelf  …
  • Reduced Cost.
  • No scaling in cooling tower
  • Reduces Hardness of water presented in cooling tower water

We deals in cooling tower chemicals, cooling water scale and corrosion inhibitor, cooling tower biocide, dispersant, biodispersant, descaling chemicals.
Descaling chemical for cooling tower water chemicals.Antiscalent chemical for cooling tower water treatment to remove scalesBy using JD Sales cooling tower chemical you can increase the life of cooling tower.



Scaling , Corrosion , Cooling Tower Blowdown Control , increase in the performance of cooling tower due to use of chemical all problem due to hard water will be solved in cooling tower water as chemical removes all the issues.
Are Chemicals for Cooling Water Treatment Best 
Answer is yes, because cooling tower chemical prices are cheap and reduces the cost of cooling tower and increases the life cooling tower plant. It also decreases the maintenance cost of cooling tower
cooling tower water treatment chemicals

Chemicals Used In Cooling Tower Water TreatmentTreatment programs consist of Inhibitors to protect against scale and corrosion and biocides to protect against microbial growth and biofilm. … Biocides are used to prevent microbial growth that can be harmful not only to the cooling tower but also to humans.

Chemical addition

  • corrosion inhibitors (e.g., bicarbonates) to neutralize acidity and protect metal components.
  • algaecides and biocide (e.g., bromine) to reduce the growth of microbes and biofilms.
  • scale inhibitors (e.g., phosphoric acid) to prevent contaminants from forming scale deposits.

corrosion inhibitor chemical for cooling tower water treatment

Cooling Tower Scale/Corrosion Inhibitor :

JD Sales Chemical incorporates a highly effective dispersant and corrosion inhibitor for cooling water systems operating under naturally soft or blended artificially soft water conditions.

JD Sales Chemical is considered eco-friendly and exhibits an excellent environmental profile as it does not contain heavy metals.

  • High performance corrosion and scale inhibitor
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